woman looking at clean windows

Three Tips To Keep A Clean Office

To make your office truly sparkle will require the help of your employees.

Consider having them follow the 3 tips mentioned below to help keep your office relatively clean and orderly between visits from your chosen cleaning professionals.


1. Proper Filing

Most professional offices today use electronic filing systems for documents, records, and other kinds of paperwork. Basically, this means this information is stored on computers.

However, despite the move to a virtual record keeping process, many offices still generate a lot of physical paper. Over time, this paper will build up and take over your office if you aren’t careful.


To address this issue will require that your office implements proper filing practices. This means you will still have to have physical filing cabinets throughout your office so that employees will have somewhere to store and properly organize any physical paper documents that your office uses.

Any documents that are no longer needed should be shredded if necessary, and then put in a proper trash receptacle for recycling.


Do not mix any paper documents with regular trash, as this will only put more unnecessary waste in our already overtaxed landfills.

By recycling paper products instead, we can give our landfills a break and save a few trees as well.


2. Avoid Eating At Your Desk

Everyone can agree that eating is messy. No matter how hard you try, it is inevitable that crumbs and other debris from food and drinks will eventually make their way onto the desks, keyboards, and the floor of your office space if people are allowed to eat in your office.

It’s not intentional, it just happens. Over time, this debris builds up and impacts the appearance of your office. Worse, it may even attract pests.


It may not be a popular decision, but ask your employees to make an effort to refrain from eating at their desks if possible.

If you are going to allow employees to eat at their desks and in other areas within the office space, make sure they know they will be responsible for cleaning up behind themselves so that food debris and paper waste does not accumulate.

Otherwise, any professional office cleaning crew you hire will have to spend time cleaning up behind employees when they should be spending their valuable time focusing on the bigger picture of maintaining a clean office environment.

And considering time is money, any time spent on issues they shouldn’t have to address will cost the employer more.

3. Desktop Organization

Even the cleanest office environment can look dirty and unprofessional if your employees’ desktops are disorganized and untidy.

In order for your office to truly have a clean and professional appearance, it is imperative that your employees make an effort to keep their desktops as clean and organized as possible while avoiding unnecessary items that only serve to make desks have a cluttered and untidy appearance.


If your office begins to look a little run down in between visits from your cleaning crew, it’s time to make some changes.

By having your employees participate in keeping your office environment clean and professional looking by following the tips mentioned above, hopefully, your office will no longer look unclean and unprofessional in between those visits.