Make A Good First Impression With A Clean Office Lobby


When people walk into your office and business, what’s the first thing they see? They see the lobby of course. Your focus should be to make a good first impression with a clean office lobby.

Every business is different, and it could be that most people don’t see anything but the lobby. You know your business well, and you also know that the lobby is going to make a first impression. You can’t have a squeaky clean office and then leave the lobby looking like it went through a tornado.


Perhaps the office is rather calm, but your lobby stays busy. As mentioned, each business is different, and you have to cater to the crowd. If your lobby is a high traffic area, it needs attention.

You can have a cleaning crew stay on top of it for you. Perhaps you’re past the point of having one of your office employees handle the cleaning of the lobby from time to time. It is so important to have a clean office lobby.


Maybe it’s about time you called in a professional cleaning crew. They make a living cleaning space and paying attention to detail. They will make sure that your office lobby and the rest of your building is as clean as it should be.

What all do you need them to do? You call the shots, and you can walk through the place with the cleaning crew showing them what you want to be done. You will only have to show them once.


You could also hire a janitor, but you’re going to have to pay that janitor to be on site for hours at a time. A cleaning crew could come in periodically to help take care of the work.

In the case that you have a high traffic area that is constantly hit by heavy traffic that makes a mess, well that janitor might be a good idea. Again, you have to think about your individual situation.


Yet you better believe that a lobby makes a first impression. I live in a condo building that has heavy foot traffic.

On days during the summer when vacationers are flying in and out, the lobby gets messy. The people here have to stay on top of the cleaning, or else they end up having all kinds of problems. You don’t want to have those problems either.


When people walk into your business and see a dirty lobby, they are going to immediately develop an impression about your company. Whereas, If you have a clean office lobby it will bring you a better first impression. It doesn’t matter what everything else looks like. They are going to see a dirty lobby, and that’s not good. They might not even see everything else.


Take a look around your lobby, identifying what needs to be cleaned regularly. Think about how often you might want to have that done based on lobby traffic. Then you can call for a consultation with a professional commercial cleaning company.

They will let you know how much they will charge to get the job done on a regular basis. Then you can check that off the list because you can now count on your lobby making a good first impression with clients and customers.