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3 Vital Tips To Help Keep Your Office Clean Now

To make your office truly sparkle with professionalism and cleanliness will require the help of your employees.

Consider having them follow the three tips mentioned below to help keep your office environment relatively clean and orderly between visits from your chosen cleaning professionals.



1. Proper Filing

Most professional offices today use electronic filing systems for documents, records, and other kinds of paperwork. Basically, this means this information is stored on computers.

However, despite the move to a virtual record keeping process, many offices still generate a lot of physical paper. Over time, this paper will build up and take over your office if you aren’t careful.


To address this issue will require that your office implements proper filing practices. This means you will still have to have physical filing cabinets throughout your office so that employees will have somewhere to store and properly organize any physical paper documents that your office uses.

Any documents that are no longer needed should be shredded if necessary, and then put in a proper trash receptacle for recycling.


Do not mix any paper documents with regular trash, as this will only put more unnecessary waste in our already overtaxed landfills.

By recycling paper products instead, we can give our landfills a break and save a few trees as well.



2. Avoid Eating At Your Desk

Everyone can agree that eating is messy. No matter how hard you try, it is inevitable that crumbs and other debris from food and drinks will eventually make their way onto the desks, keyboards, and the floor of your office space if people are allowed to eat in your office.

It’s not intentional, it just happens. Over time, this debris builds up and impacts the appearance of your office. Worse, it may even attract pests.


It may not be a popular decision, but ask your employees to make an effort to refrain from eating at their desks if possible.

If you are going to allow employees to eat at their desks and in other areas within the office space, make sure they know they will be responsible for cleaning up behind themselves so that food debris and paper waste does not accumulate.

Otherwise, any professional office cleaning crew you hire will have to spend time cleaning up behind employees when they should be spending their valuable time focusing on the bigger picture of maintaining a clean office environment.

And considering time is money, any time spent on issues they shouldn’t have to address will cost the employer more.


3. Desktop Organization

Even the cleanest office environment can look dirty and unprofessional if your employees’ desktops are disorganized and untidy.

In order for your office to truly have a clean and professional appearance, it is imperative that your employees make an effort to keep their desktops as clean and organized as possible while avoiding unnecessary items that only serve to make desks have a cluttered and untidy appearance.


If your office begins to look a little run down in between visits from your cleaning crew, it’s time to make some changes.

By having your employees participate in keeping your office environment clean and professional looking by following the tips mentioned above, hopefully, your office will no longer look unclean and unprofessional in between those visits.


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Advantages Of A Professional Office Cleaning Service

Wondering about the benefits of hiring a professional office cleaning service? Allow us to shed some light on the matter.

It could be that you came here knowing full well that you don’t want to handle the cleaning anymore. There is lots to do in an office, and you have work that needs your attention.

You want employees focused on their duties, and so maybe having a company handle the cleaning in a professional and efficient manner would be best.

In fact, efficiency is one of the advantages. Professional office cleaning services know how to get the job done fast.

Let them take care of the work, and as mentioned, your employees get to focus elsewhere. The clean work environment will also help facilitate better productivity as well. Morale will be on the rise, and everyone will be a little bit healthier.

It’s quite easy to ignore that a dirty office is going to make people sick. Everything might not even look that dirty, surface wise.

Yet you have to think about how germs can be spread and how a dirty work environment can really translate into people calling in sick. People working in an office are in close quarters all day long, and you want a healthy and clean environment.

Employee morale was mentioned, and you want your workers to be motivated. When an office is dirty, not only will employees not have the proper motivation, but everything will become disorganized.

The cleaning is going to be off the table, so why not tackle office organization. You’re going to want to when everything is kept clean consistently.

The office is going to look great. You’re going to have quite the professional work environment. As you can imagine, that doesn’t just impact employees but any other visitors you have.

Do you network with other business owners that show up on site from time to time? What about vendors, and what about those customers and clients? You want to make a good impression with your office.

Your employees aren’t indebted to you either. In other words, they won’t stick around if the work environment isn’t good enough. If you want the best employees, you have to create a work environment that makes people want to be employed by you.

There are so many steps to cleaning an office that you might as well just have the professionals do all of the hard work. Not only do you have many reasons to keep the office clean, but you have many reasons to push the easy button.

You’re really going to want to push that easy button after you get a quote. You’re going to see that it’s worth it having the professional office cleaning service come in to help you get the job done.

It’s not easy keeping up with all that work around the office. They make it their business, and so you can count on them to be very efficient. Why not reach out to them and see how they can help?


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The Office Cleaning Blueprint – A Step By Step Guide


Cleaning an office professionally is a lot of work. If you feel up to the task, it can be good to have a checklist or office cleaning blueprint with you to go by. That will help ensure that you clean everything properly and that the office is good to go once again.

You don’t want to do anything out of order because that can create a mess. Here is an office cleaning blueprint for you to make sure that you get everything according to the highest standards.


The first thing you’re going to want to do is to clean out the clutter. Offices get quite messy sometimes just based on the clutter. Think about what might be stacked up in a corner, on a shelf or on that desk.

You would be amazed just how much clutter is in an office if it’s been awhile since the problem has been addressed. Once you get rid of the clutter in your office, then you can move on to the next step.


What’s the next step you ask? Well, it is time to get to dusting. Getting all the office equipment and furniture dusted is a big deal. That is what is going to help you get that office clean. You’re going to want to be meticulous with this step.

For example, you even want to dust keyboards and of course all electronic equipment in general. The dusting is going to take awhile, but then you can move on to the next step.


Now it’s time to tackle all the glass. Is there a lot of glass in your office? You have to think about all of those screens, too. Glass detail is also going to take awhile.

Remember to get the mirrors and any pictures that are hanging. Cleaning the glass may not take as long as dusting, but it’s the next step nonetheless. When you’re done, you’re ready to get to disinfecting everything.


This is one of the most important steps. You have most everything clean, and while that’s done, it’s time to disinfect. Put that sanitizer spray to work, and you’re not just spraying everything.

You want to wipe down surfaces, too. Once you have disinfected everything, you may think you’re nearly done, but there is still lots more to do.


You want to clear any cobwebs, clean the restrooms and any kitchen facilities, get rid of all the trash, and then you’re ready for the last major step.

What’s that last step? Well, of course, it is time to sweep and vacuum everything. Lots of people like to skip over many of the above-mentioned steps, wipe a few things down and just vacuum.


Yet to really get everything clean, you have to do it from top to bottom. This is the office cleaning blueprint that will maintain a healthy work environment.

You certainly don’t want to skip the step where you disinfect everything. It is very important, as are all the steps mentioned. Now it’s time to get to cleaning that office.