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Using A High Pressure Washer For Buildings

If you are looking to complete a building wash down with a high-pressure washer it is important that you choose the right washer. High-pressure cleaning needs to be completed correctly otherwise your building materials could be damaged. It is important that you know how these washers work, what they can do and what to look for when you choose one.

How Do Pressure Washers Work?

Most pressure washers that you can hire or buy have the ability to connect to your water supply. However, there are some that have water tanks that you need to fill. The water in the tank or from the supply will be pressurized by the washer’s engine and the release at a high speed. The force of the water’s speed is what gives it the ability to clean buildings and wash away debris.
There will be a button close to the nozzle that allows you to control the flow of water. With many models, you will be able to adjust the pressure of the water. This is important as certain materials will need lighter pressure than others.

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The primary purpose of the washer is to clean. Stubborn dirt and grime can easily be removed with the use of the washer. There are some models which combine chemical cleaning or sand with the water to remove old paint. You need to determine what you want to do with the washer and choose a model that is able to carry this out.

Choosing Your Washer

There are many different types of washers on the market and you need to choose one that is right for your needs. If you do not choose the correct washer you will have a hard time completing your task. Additionally, the wrong washer may also lead to damage to your building.

The fist aspect you need to look at when choosing a washer is the power supply. You can get a washer that works off electricity or you can get one that runs on gas. The only difference with these models is that you need to have access to a power supply for the electric one.

Electric washers are often used for smaller jobs such as window washing as they do not have high-pressure levels. If you have a building that could be damaged then this model might be the best option. However, gasoline powered models have higher pressure which removes hard grime and old paint.

Mini power washers are available for smaller jobs such as cleaning machinery, decks and walls. These are ideal if you do not have a lot of space to move the washer about in. They also won’t offer extreme high pressure which is ideal if you do not want to damage your building.

High-pressure washers are much larger than the mini power washers as they are more heavy duty. These washers are ideal for removing a lot of dirt and grime. These models are usually gasoline powered and can be set up anywhere. Of course, you have to be aware that the higher pressure could damage softer materials.

Hot washers, as the name suggests, heat the water when it is pressurized. If you have heavy patches of dirt and grime you might need to get a hot washer. Ideally, these models will be used when you have a very stubborn spot of grime.

Self-contained washers have a tank instead of a connection to a water supply. These models generally have an extension hose allowing you to clean large areas.

Using The Washer

When you start your building wash down you need to ensure that all connections are secure. If you are linked to water supply you should turn it on completely. You should also start your spray at a low setting so you can see how much pressure you actually need. When you start spraying the building ensure that you work in an up and down motion.

Having the right pressure washer is important for building wash downs. If you choose the wrong washer you could still have grime after the task has been complete or you could take the paint off the building. If you are unsure about which washer to choose there are a number of companies that will complete high pressure building wash downs for you.