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The Challenges Of Providing Quality Office Cleaning Services


Let’s talk about the challenges of providing quality cleaning services today.

Office cleaning is different than home cleaning. Office spaces have lots of devices and equipment that are tricky to clean.

There are a few specific challenges commercial office cleaners need to overcome. This article takes a closer look at a few of these issues that may arise when cleaning office spaces.


Dusting is one of the major challenges of quality office cleaning.

Many cleaners tend to overlook dusting computer screens and keyboards.

More often than not, they don’t even think about cleaning the main computer units, particularly when they are placed on the floor or under the desk.

This leads to dust accumulating in computer vents, making the coolers work harder.


Moving things around while cleaning is another huge problem. People expect to come to work and find their items exactly where they have left them the day before.

However, cleaning a desk requires workers to move various things such as pens, files, and stationery items.

Putting back just as they were is very difficult, particularly when it comes to messy desks. Janitorial companies need to instruct their workers to avoid changing the place of the various objects in offices.


Spider webs and dust bunnies are also very common. Many janitors tend to overlook them, especially when the office space has lots of plants. The opposite of what you get when you hire a quality cleaning service.

Commercial cleaning companies should train janitors to look for and to remove all spider webs and dust bunnies, in order to keep their clients happy.


Working hours are also challenging. Janitorial staff should come to work very early in the morning, before the opening of the office space. Alternatively, they need to clean very late at night, after the employees of their clients have left the building.

Either way, they have to put up with unusual working hours that prevent them from spending time with their families.


Apart from all these, commercial cleaning companies have to face additional challenges such as labour issues, legislation and compliance, green cleaning trends, automation, and shrinking profit margins.

Besides, due to the extremely competitive industry, cleaning companies have to invest in marketing, in order to make their business known among people in their target market.

When the society tends to shift toward giving up harsh chemicals in favour of Eco-friendly cleaning methods and substances, cleaning companies have to cope with the financial burden of replacing their traditional equipment with green machines and robots.

All these have a negative impact on their bottom line, shrinking their profits, and making this industry less attractive than it once was. 

In conclusion, although quality office cleaning is still a lucrative activity, businesses in this industry have to overcome a series of major challenges in order to thrive on long-term.

They need to invest a lot in educating their employees, in explaining to them what to avoid when cleaning office spaces, as well as in modern, state of the art cleaning equipment that doesn’t affect the environment as much as traditional cleaning methods and detergents.

If you consider starting an office cleaning company, remember to address all these issues in your business plan.

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