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Office Cleaning Services – The Facts

Office cleaning can be both a blessing and a curse, it’s time to know about the office cleaning service facts.

When done by experts, office cleaning can help you offer your employees a neat working space, meant to make them more productive. At the same time, when the janitors make mistakes, they can easily turn the mornings of your employees into a nightmare.

Let’s see some office cleaning service facts you have to consider when choosing your commercial cleaning company.


The presence of janitors doing their job during your work hours is never a good idea. They are surely going to disturb your employees from doing their own work. This will affect their productivity, and consequently the profitability of your business.

Always ensure you agree to a cleaning schedule that doesn’t overlap with your working hours.

Another hard fact of office cleaning is that most janitors overlook dusting the computers, particularly in the case of office spaces with lots of desks or cubicles.

They focus so hard on cleaning the desks and the computer monitors, and that makes them forget about the main units which are places on the floor.

It might be useful to mention in your services agreement that dusting the IT equipment is one of the daily duties of the cleaning company.


Room corners and planters are some of the spots many cleaners miss.

In time, this leads to the development of spider webs.

While you can’t check on the cleaning staff every day, you can schedule a monthly inspection of all rooms, in order to detect such issues.

Besides, you should remember to ask them to clean the leaves of the ornamental plants in your office at least once a week.


Some cleaners may change the place of various objects on the desks of your employees. This is surely going to upset your team members, as nobody wants to spend their morning searching for stuff they no longer find.

In order to avoid this, you should instruct the cleaners to put all items back where they’ve fond them.

In addition, you may want to train your own employees to leave their desks in perfect order by the end of their work day.

Piling up stationery items and asking janitors to clean without moving them is a contradiction in terms. By filing all documents and by cleaning up their desk space, your employees can ease the work of the janitors.

Not all of them are going to be happy about this, but you should make it clear that they can’t get away with not keeping their desks in order.


Last but not least, dirty coffee mugs and juice glasses are among the biggest annoyances of commercial cleaning companies.

You should ask your employees to clean their coffee mugs and to range them before the end of the work day. This shouldn’t be too hard, as it’s something they would do in their own homes anyway.

These are some office cleaning service facts that you should be aware of.

By acknowledging all of these issues, you can contribute to the improvement of your work environment.

Both your employees and your cleaning company should enjoy their work more.

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