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The Hard Facts of Professional Office Cleaning Services


Office cleaning can be both a blessing and a curse, it’s time to know about the office cleaning service facts.

When done by experts, office cleaning can help you offer your employees a neat working space, meant to make them more productive. At the same time, when the janitors make mistakes, they can easily turn the mornings of your employees into a nightmare.

Let’s see some office cleaning service facts you have to consider when choosing your commercial cleaning company.


The presence of janitors doing their job during your work hours is never a good idea. They are surely going to disturb your employees from doing their own work. This will affect their productivity, and consequently the profitability of your business.

Always ensure you agree to a cleaning schedule that doesn’t overlap with your working hours.

Another hard fact of office cleaning is that most janitors overlook dusting the computers, particularly in the case of office spaces with lots of desks or cubicles.

They focus so hard on cleaning the desks and the computer monitors, and that makes them forget about the main units which are places on the floor.

It might be useful to mention in your services agreement that dusting the IT equipment is one of the daily duties of the cleaning company.


Room corners and planters are some of the spots many cleaners miss.

In time, this leads to the development of spider webs.

While you can’t check on the cleaning staff every day, you can schedule a monthly inspection of all rooms, in order to detect such issues.

Besides, you should remember to ask them to clean the leaves of the ornamental plants in your office at least once a week.


Some cleaners may change the place of various objects on the desks of your employees. This is surely going to upset your team members, as nobody wants to spend their morning searching for stuff they no longer find.

In order to avoid this, you should instruct the cleaners to put all items back where they’ve fond them.

In addition, you may want to train your own employees to leave their desks in perfect order by the end of their work day.

Piling up stationery items and asking janitors to clean without moving them is a contradiction in terms. By filing all documents and by cleaning up their desk space, your employees can ease the work of the janitors.

Not all of them are going to be happy about this, but you should make it clear that they can’t get away with not keeping their desks in order.


Last but not least, dirty coffee mugs and juice glasses are among the biggest annoyances of commercial cleaning companies.

You should ask your employees to clean their coffee mugs and to range them before the end of the work day. This shouldn’t be too hard, as it’s something they would do in their own homes anyway.

These are some office cleaning service facts that you should be aware of.

By acknowledging all of these issues, you can contribute to the improvement of your work environment.

Both your employees and your cleaning company should enjoy their work more.

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How To Get The Best Value From An Office Cleaning Service?


To get the best value out of an office cleaning service, there are a few things you need to think about.

For example, you are going to want to actually go over what you want to be done with a company.

It might even be best that you do a walk-through with them, and you can even talk about cleaning supplies.

When you do that, you’re going to be making sure that you have given them specific instructions that they can follow.


You might not have thought about all of that. After all, they are the professional office cleaning service.

You might have considered that they know what to do and will take the reins from the very beginning. They will be efficient, but to guarantee you get the best value, you need to be clear about what you want to be done.

You also need to be clear about how you want those cleaning duties done.


If there are certain cleaning jobs that can be left out, you want to bring that up. You want the quote you get to be only in regards to what you need to be done by the office cleaning service.

One other thing that you might want to consider right away, too, is that the longer a place sits, the dirtier it gets.

And when a place is dirty, it takes a lot longer to clean. Therefore, you have to strike the right balance in terms of a cleaning schedule.


You don’t want to schedule a cleaning company to come out too often because you’re going to be paying too much money.

Yet if you don’t have them come out often enough, the cleaning they do at that point can cost you more money. Plus, you want your office to make a good impression.

You also want to enjoy the other benefits of keeping an office clean. You don’t want the cleaning company to have to get everything back in order each and every time. You want them to keep your office clean.


Negotiating the right cleaning schedule is part of getting the best value from the company you hire. Value has everything to do with how the cleaning impacts your business, too. Keep that business looking clean, and you’re going to make a much better impression on your customers as mentioned.

You’re also going to keep your employees healthy and happy. You have to think about each aspect of the cleaning job you want to be done and how it impacts your business.


You also get a better value out of the cleaning company when you don’t have to have employees do too much cleaning in between.

If you are paying the cleaning crew to do a good job for you, but you and other employees are still wasting too much time cleaning, perhaps it’s a good idea to have the company come out more often.

You certainly want your office to stay looking nice. That schedule is definitely important. Who you hire is also more important than you might think, so be sure you vet that cleaning company. Call our professional office cleaners in Perth today for a free onsite assessment and quotation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Make A Good First Impression With A Clean Office Lobby


When people walk into your office and business, what’s the first thing they see? They see the lobby of course. Your focus should be to make a good first impression with a clean office lobby.

Every business is different, and it could be that most people don’t see anything but the lobby. You know your business well, and you also know that the lobby is going to make a first impression. You can’t have a squeaky clean office and then leave the lobby looking like it went through a tornado.


Perhaps the office is rather calm, but your lobby stays busy. As mentioned, each business is different, and you have to cater to the crowd. If your lobby is a high traffic area, it needs attention.

You can have a cleaning crew stay on top of it for you. Perhaps you’re past the point of having one of your office employees handle the cleaning of the lobby from time to time. It is so important to have a clean office lobby.


Maybe it’s about time you called in a professional cleaning crew. They make a living cleaning space and paying attention to detail. They will make sure that your office lobby and the rest of your building is as clean as it should be.

What all do you need them to do? You call the shots, and you can walk through the place with the cleaning crew showing them what you want to be done. You will only have to show them once.


You could also hire a janitor, but you’re going to have to pay that janitor to be on site for hours at a time. A cleaning crew could come in periodically to help take care of the work.

In the case that you have a high traffic area that is constantly hit by heavy traffic that makes a mess, well that janitor might be a good idea. Again, you have to think about your individual situation.


Yet you better believe that a lobby makes a first impression. I live in a condo building that has heavy foot traffic.

On days during the summer when vacationers are flying in and out, the lobby gets messy. The people here have to stay on top of the cleaning, or else they end up having all kinds of problems. You don’t want to have those problems either.


When people walk into your business and see a dirty lobby, they are going to immediately develop an impression about your company. Whereas, If you have a clean office lobby it will bring you a better first impression. It doesn’t matter what everything else looks like. They are going to see a dirty lobby, and that’s not good. They might not even see everything else.


Take a look around your lobby, identifying what needs to be cleaned regularly. Think about how often you might want to have that done based on lobby traffic. Then you can call for a consultation with a professional commercial cleaning company.

They will let you know how much they will charge to get the job done on a regular basis. Then you can check that off the list because you can now count on your lobby making a good first impression with clients and customers.


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Advantages Of A Professional Office Cleaning Service

Wondering about the benefits of hiring a professional office cleaning service? Allow us to shed some light on the matter.

It could be that you came here knowing full well that you don’t want to handle the cleaning anymore. There is lots to do in an office, and you have work that needs your attention.

You want employees focused on their duties, and so maybe having a company handle the cleaning in a professional and efficient manner would be best.

In fact, efficiency is one of the advantages. Professional office cleaning services know how to get the job done fast.

Let them take care of the work, and as mentioned, your employees get to focus elsewhere. The clean work environment will also help facilitate better productivity as well. Morale will be on the rise, and everyone will be a little bit healthier.

It’s quite easy to ignore that a dirty office is going to make people sick. Everything might not even look that dirty, surface wise.

Yet you have to think about how germs can be spread and how a dirty work environment can really translate into people calling in sick. People working in an office are in close quarters all day long, and you want a healthy and clean environment.

Employee morale was mentioned, and you want your workers to be motivated. When an office is dirty, not only will employees not have the proper motivation, but everything will become disorganized.

The cleaning is going to be off the table, so why not tackle office organization. You’re going to want to when everything is kept clean consistently.

The office is going to look great. You’re going to have quite the professional work environment. As you can imagine, that doesn’t just impact employees but any other visitors you have.

Do you network with other business owners that show up on site from time to time? What about vendors, and what about those customers and clients? You want to make a good impression with your office.

Your employees aren’t indebted to you either. In other words, they won’t stick around if the work environment isn’t good enough. If you want the best employees, you have to create a work environment that makes people want to be employed by you.

There are so many steps to cleaning an office that you might as well just have the professionals do all of the hard work. Not only do you have many reasons to keep the office clean, but you have many reasons to push the easy button.

You’re really going to want to push that easy button after you get a quote. You’re going to see that it’s worth it having the professional office cleaning service come in to help you get the job done.

It’s not easy keeping up with all that work around the office. They make it their business, and so you can count on them to be very efficient. Why not reach out to them and see how they can help?