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Clean Office Restrooms Importance

Clean office restrooms say a lot about your business. Let’s take a dive into the impacts of a clean office restroom.

When have you walked into a place of business, only to find that the bathrooms were dingy and dirty? Sometimes they match the rest of the place.

Yet other times a business can be quite clean, yet the bathrooms look disgusting. When the bathrooms are in bad shape, that’s the impression you could get about the entire business.

You don’t want that to be what people think about your office and business.


Bathrooms must be clean, and well, it’s not just about impressions. Let’s start at the beginning.

Let’s say you have a nice office, but the bathrooms are dirty.

Employees use the bathroom all the time. They are going to come in an out, and the next thing you know, the office isn’t going to be clean either.

You can’t really have one area of a place clean while another isn’t. Before you know it, the entire place is going to be dirty.


That doesn’t mean you have to be a perfectionist about the bathroom or a clean office restroom, but it is a great place to keep squeaky clean for other reasons.

It’s one thing to have a dirty office, but a dirty bathroom is completely unsanitary. You don’t want office workers getting sick.

You don’t want them complaining either.

And then think about those first impressions again.


Say that you have an important client come to pay you a visit.

He or she stops by your office, and you have a great meeting. Your office looks nice, the main lobby looks nice, and everything is good to go as far as impressions. Then the client has to use the bathroom.

He or she comes out with a puzzled look on his face, and can everything go south from there? Of course, it can.


Do bathrooms make or break business deals? Okay let’s not take things too far, but you want to keep the bathrooms in an office clean. If you don’t, as mentioned, there are all kinds of consequences.

Chiefly, you don’t want people getting sick. You want them to stay healthy, and you want them to be productive. Clean office restrooms can let you achieve all these goals.

And again, a clean office isn’t going to be clean much longer if there is a dirty bathroom. There are going to be all kinds of contaminants spread around.


There isn’t another space that can create more contaminants than a bathroom.

That’s just the bottom line.

So it makes sense to actually start with the bathroom when you’re going to be keeping a space clean. Doesn’t that make sense to you? You can have the employees work on keeping the office clean. Or you can have a professional cleaning company take care of it all.


No matter what, you need someone cleaning the bathrooms.

You could have the professional cleaning service focus on the bathroom, the break room and the lobby. Whatever you have them do to the actual office can be a bonus.

Or as mentioned, you can schedule them to do everything. Just make sure you realize how important it is to have clean office restrooms in your business.